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D cigna, boe, tianma compete flexible OLED display week in SID

by:Atop     2020-09-11
It is understood that the Los Angeles time on May 22 - 24, international display week ( SID显示星期2018) Held in the United States, cigna, Beijing Oriental, tianma with flexible AMOLED year exhibition held at the same period. D cigna, for the first time issued a 'flexible display folding machine' and 'flexible vehicle display solutions', such as flexible AMOLED innovation application products. The flexible displays its 7 fold machine. 2 inches AMOLED flexible folding screen, can achieve the most little folding radius. 6 mm, flexible display folding technology breakthrough border again. Unveiled at the same time, there are d cigna 'flexible vehicle display solutions', it fully shows the flexible AMOLED can be realized in the bending and folding state, according to the images and video at the same time more complex laminating car interior space, in the central area will display, buttons and other interactive design collection. Also introduced a foldable boe WQHD AMOLED screen comprehensively, which can realize the global minimum dynamic bending radius is only 1 mm, bending number more than 100000 times, NTSC color gamut is as high as 118%, greatly enhance the user experience on mobile terminal products. At the fair, Beijing Oriental shows 5. 99 - inch flip phone and 7. 56 inches fold much money machine products such as tablets, folding for the phone's screen, with the can be used as a tablet or computer screen. At the same time, Beijing Oriental first printing technology was applied to mobile terminal products, 5. 5 inches (FHD 1920×1080) Printing type flexible OLED display. In addition, tianma display 5. 99 - inch 18: nine bending fold full screen,, left, right on the screen are 0. 85 mm narrow bezel, tie-in double row COF package design, has the high screen ratio, bending radius of 5 mm, bending Angle of 0 ~ 180, the thickness of the module is less than 0. 25 mm, a resolution of 2160 x 1080, resolution of real FHD 403 PPI. And the flexible display is extend from the transition to the application, shows the flexible AMOLED application potential. D cigna shows flexible display intelligent water cup, flexible display intelligent sound box products such as ebooks, flexible display applications. Jingdong will two pieces of flexible screens used in robot, carrying a touch function, high resolution, high contrast and high color gamut, etc advantages. In addition, the boe will also three pieces of 5. Flexible 99 - inch screen for Mosaic, realizes the mountain stream model, which can realize the screen waterproof function. The innovation in the field of flexible display technology, products and solutions that provide wider imagination space for display applications. This article from: financial service network search LED straight flush
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