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D cigna appearance in the first world conference on display industry explore flexible technical limit

by:Atop     2020-08-08
On November 22, the first world congress was held in hefei, anhui province, according to industry conference with 'show a better life' as the theme, focusing on innovation of the display industry technology and the application results. D cigna was invited to attend the conference, shows it as a new display overall solutions provider of comprehensive innovation development, and based on the deep understanding of OLED technology development trend and the flexible display innovative results brought by the forward thinking, convey to the concept of flexible display can assign a better life. At the world conference on display industry main BBS link, the dimension cigna President zhang deqiang has carried on the titled 'innovation, cooperation, and win the future' the theme of the speech, to share the d cigna OLED as mainland China's first professional engaged in the research and development, the scale of production and marketing of high-tech enterprise innovation process. Innovation is a d cigna development path of keywords, and from beginning to end. To this, zhang deqiang, said 23 years d cigna firmly implement the strategy of innovation driven development, out of the science and technology innovation as the core of the comprehensive innovation road, and formed by the mode innovation, technology innovation, production line, comprehensive innovation system composed of collaborative innovation. Among them, from basic research to the pilot to the production practice of path is d cigna features innovative development mode, has also been evaluated for the Chinese production, the best mode of innovative practice, by fully respecting the rule of industrialization, and d cigna has realized from the 'science' to 'technology' and 'industry' transformation, and ultimately realize large-scale production. Technology is the foundation of advanced manufacturing, as one of the earliest global enterprises begin to research and development of flexible, d cigna remain the industry forefront in flexible display technology, to create China's mainland first flexible AMOLED display, the world's first milestone 180 ° folded flexible AMOLED module and so on, at the same time d cigna also always close to the market demand, in 2007 successfully developed a transparent screen, it also contributed to the dimension of cigna screen camera under the birth of the solution. Technology research and development and production implementation cannot leave the production line of solid foundation and the overall layout, cigna has kunshan, the cpmpany, bazhou, hefei, guangzhou and other five large-scale production line, covering the beijing-tianjin-hebei, Yangtze river delta, and a large bay area of guangdong three core areas, which can realize regional linkage complement each other, give full play to the cluster scale effect. Nowadays, with the iteration and development of display technology, panel makers have gone past the accompanist into terminal terminal product development innovation, d cigna thus from the traditional screen manufacturers into innovative solutions provider, to realize the technology innovation to the equivalent transformation of commercial land. On the one hand, d cigna based on the insight into the development trend of product, customize innovative products with the original technology initiative for the customer solution; On the other hand customer product layout and requirements to achieve production customized solutions, to different areas of the terminal brand customers bring high value-added products. Who can thin hair. In 5 g era coming at the same time, the OLED industry has entered a rapid development period, flexible display will have a wide application prospect, it also needs to display panel enterprises can stand up and be pulling along the rest of the industry chain, collaborative innovation to achieve industry, as zhang deqiang said: 'to break their own boundaries, in all walks of life, as well as potential future cooperation, to create more innovative applications, let more people enjoy a better life. 'Officer, micro LCD network
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