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Crystal fengyuan IPO was no develop, sell osram lamps and lanterns of business sustainable development ability into a 'touchstone'

by:Atop     2020-08-24
Crystal fengyuan IPO was no, develop sustainable profitability in doubt? Osram business will sell lamps and lanterns, the global industry pattern change? Days and to amplify the LED application products production capacity, the motivations behind the move? MicroLED technology is not yet perfect, cost problem into the most about? We will interpret for you one by one! 1. Sustainable profitability, has been questioned crystal fengyuan IPO was no develop on May 2, the SFC website revealed crystal fengyuan, develop in the Shanghai stock exchange issued no more than 15. 4 million shares. However, according to the securities and futures commission released on July 31, the evening of the 17th issuance examination committee in 2018, the 113th meeting of the audit results announcement, according to the crystal fengyuan starting with develop. Comments: crystal fengyuan is domestic analog and mixed-signal integrated circuit design develop enterprise, one of the main business for the analog and mixed-signal integrated circuit research and development and sales, the main products for the LED driver chip, including general LED driver chip, intelligent LED driver chip, etc. With the increase of the proportion of smart chip, crystal fengyuan results develop a substantial growth in 2017, but such a change is really able to support the performance of high-speed growth there is doubt. In addition, the company's gross margin is lower, and lower than peers, as LED driver chip, the competition, the future chip prices will inevitably will also decline, it will draw its low level of gross margin, the company's future sustainable profitability. 2. Osram will sell osram lamps and lanterns of business group board of directors has made the decision, will sell its business of lamps and lanterns. As part of the strategic restructuring, osram will continue to focus on high-tech growth markets. Osram will arrange discussions with potential buyers. Osram boards will also be in the November issue of the capital market conference as the latest progress of the strategic plan. Comments: the changes of the osram not only reflects the company's own major changes in business strategy, but also reflects the major change in the pattern of the global industry. In recent years, xin nuo fly, osram and GE and other international giants, upheaval, and Chinese companies went to sea again and again, it brings to the global landscape. However, have to face up to the point that, although philips, osram spun off part of the business, but did not weaken its global competitiveness, instead more huge potential for sustainable development. After all, philips, osram focus more on growth in the future better high-tech fields, such as cars, plants and intelligent interconnection, and so on. And Chinese companies and xin, fly, the future sea an unavoidable osram positive competition, so for Chinese enterprises to enhance the core competitiveness is the top priority. 3. Day intends to vote for the 16 billion expansion of LED application products production capacity, the chemical issued a press release on July 25, announced that due to the use, with LED backlight module continued strong demand, coupled with the LED to expand applied to various fields such as automotive, industrial machine, forecast the future market will be further expanded, so the resolution in sound door factory ( Isle county song outlets) Factory in building new factories, in the LED application products production capacity, to maintain the top level of the city in the LED market share. Comments: white LED is the main source of income, but because of mainland China, Taiwan, China LED manufacturers expand capacity, lead to price competition, therefore, the change will strengthen vehicle / / LCD with high additional value of LED products business. For the day and the chemical, its revenue over the years the forefront. However, the gap between it and other manufacturers have reduced year by year, it also reflects the day the chemistry of the original market share is being eroded. Narrowing of the competitive advantage is the chemical had to face the problem. Through this expansion, day, on the one hand, is the hope that through high value-added products to enhance their competitiveness, on the other hand is also using the large-scale production to reduce operating costs. 4. MicroLED technology is not perfect but advancing all aspects for most of the key display performance, has been able to meet or exceed the OLED MicroLED. MicroLED, however, is also a kind of inherent noise technology, made a 4 k resolution if microLED display, means that the need to assembly and even no error 25 million only for the big size of bacteria microLED chip, and installation precision to 1 um or below. Comment on: in early 2017, there are many other challenges look will also be a potential obstacle. 999% of the yield, small size of the chip assembly efficiency has been close to or exceed the OLED. Many manufacturers still focus on building their first prototypes, but manufacturers have realized the most advanced, the technology from demonstration function to the consumer products, may also need to pay more efforts than expected. Which is need urgently to solve cost problem. Technology development paved the way for cost reduction and realize scale to build, but all is not easy. MicroLED manufacturers must know the cost of each application goal, and backward selection process, and every step of the development, to make it conform to the requirements of the cost. If there is no technology can provide suitable economy, the opportunity will never fall to the ground. MicroLED are entering between technology development and industrialization and commercialization of the valley of death. This article from: search LED
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