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Commercial capital control color TV screen of LCD and OLED coexist together

by:Atop     2020-08-24
Adopted by the current TV industry, display panel, you can clearly see that capital hand a lot of very long, and very powerful. At present, the television display panel industry mainly has two camps: one is the LCD display, mainly in mainland China, Taiwan and South Korea, Hong Kong and China, brought together including boe, huaxing photoelectric, auo, innolux, samsung, LGD; Other is OLED display, at present mainly LGD, samsung is ready, while still in Beijing Oriental, huaxing photoelectric layout stage, market-oriented business floor will take time. Of course, on the small and medium size OLED display panel, both China and South Korea against the two countries has been formed. Single from the perspective of the number and capacity of two camps, you can clearly see: LCD display and OLED display, now is now the business competition relations; Liquid crystal display the number of camp, has been needless to say, basically form a pattern of tripartite confrontation, 9 into the market; In OLED display, at present is LGD dominance hold the big picture, other companies are now or wait and see, or explore other paths. Samsung, for example, in quantum dot OLED panel layout, while exploring huaxing photoelectric printing type OLED panel. The current category accounted for less than ten percent of the market. Despite the current LCD and OLED TV market share is poor, even to make all color television enterprise, have promoted the OLED television, will soon face the biggest bottleneck of the upper panel supply. In 2019, LGD to the global supply of OLED panel, the highest expected and only 3. 8 million pieces, but the Chinese market OLED TV sales of 100000 units. That is to say, for the global industry, not just downstream of the color TV enterprises is facing on the OLED panel LGD 'clip neck' restrict; At the same time, the commercial capital will also worry about kidnapped the embarrassing situation of an enterprise, more can't indulge. In recent years, the LCD and OLED display two camps behind the number of poor, poor market share, and user acceptance differences behind, it is the embodiment of the meaning of capital and power. On the one hand, behind the LCD panel, a lot of capital investment for many years continuously, has just started going into round of effective output gains, apparently unwilling to marginal benefit robbed by OLED panel; OLED, on the other hand, it is faced with different technical schools competition and contest, capital is still waiting to see who will eventually become the mainstream. So the capital will not easily to bet on LGD OLED panel continues to do great. Recently, though, it emerged that 8 LGD is located in guangdong of OLED panel. Five generations line will be put into production at the end of August, but it cannot fundamentally ease the OLED panel industry chain supply problems, it will promote technology innovation of the LCD panel and iteration. At present, the mainland of China building in LCD panel production line, total investment of 284. 6 billion yuan. Global LCD panel makers capacity planning statistics, China new LCD production accounted for more than half the global new capacity, by 2020 more than 40% of the global LCD panel production capacity will be from China. From this perspective, can be clearly found that the investment of capital market for LCD panel is still not beginning, behind more compelled to the local economy and employment and a series of interests. Similarly, LCD upstream industry chain upstream is mainly a variety of basic materials, such as color filter, glass substrate, LCD, drive IC and polaroid, etc; The middle is the panel assembly, including control IC, power management, LCD panel ( Array, into a box, module) Such as parts of integration; And downstream is intelligent mobile phone, computer, TV and tablet terminals. This is a huge industry economic chain. If, and OLED out LCD panel, obviously not three years, five years or ten years. So, in this world, never hate for no reason, no nonsense love. Especially for semiconductor, according to such a big capital driven by commercial emerging industry globalization, even more so. Because, the commercial capital has been not only the profit, but also seek to maximize the interests of the steps and, if you stand in the perspective of global TV industry display technology, can clearly see: not so fast to the end and liquid crystal display (LCD), OLED display also won't detonate and popularize soon. Circle of home appliance
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