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Chongqing's first ruling LED display light pollution, LED screen to be put

by:Atop     2020-08-02
Search LED net reported on January 11, recently, chongqing's first LED display light pollution case verdict. Metro court verdict is the case, the defendant from this decision comes into effect as of the date of, immediately stop light pollution. The case is little compared with other major cases because it is not worth mentioning, but for the LED display industry has extremely important influence. At that time, the case was also spread to relevant personage of friends LED display, LED display and again to the forefront. With the continuous improvement of people's living standard, people more and more attention to health. In recent years, with the continuous development of economy LED display in people's life plays a more and more important role in production. Along with issues related to the LED display light pollution also gradually into the public eye. At the same time all over the country come out on the LED display messages of light pollution. In 2002, jinan in the first case about 'light pollution'. A people suffering from the tall building glass curtain wall opposite the illuminate of up to more than ten hours a day and will be related to the dock, the main responsibility of LED display due to the law the provisions of the relevant 'light pollution' case finally ended in the plaintiff loses. Although there was no specific laws on the basis of judgment as 'light pollution' has no specific rules for defining the 'light pollution', this case also ended in the plaintiff lost, but this does not mean that represents LED display related responsibility main body's victory, this is a wake-up call to the LED display industry, LED display industry, 'light pollution' has, or will become a stumbling block to LED display screen in its path, this should cause enough attention LED display industry. Mention the reasons for the formation of light pollution from crying. The formation of light pollution are mainly from two aspects. One is that in display manufacturing. Some display screen manufacturers to cater to the market demand, the one-sided pursuit of high brightness, plus there is no related standards, some enterprises blindly follow suit, also produced some outdoor display brightness exceeds bid badly, which caused serious light pollution, this phenomenon is not the case in the LED display industry. Second, on the screen using the link. A lot of the use of LED display, because there is no a professional comprehensive grasp of the performance of LED display, on the LED display of play time, day and night is a big difference. Light during the day because of the high demand for display brightness is high also, but do not need too bright at night, so is unnecessarily high brightness. Before because there is no relevant standard specification, the owner is not to display the corresponding debugging, lead to waste of energy, also causes light pollution. With the development of LED display, LED display related 'light pollution' the regulations are supplemented. 2013 'shenzhen city outdoor advertising management method', this also means that the LED display light pollution in the future have a 'law' tube. Before people face bearing of light pollution, LED display recourse will end. Shenzhen as LED display industry gathering place, most of the rules, is conducive to further standardize 'light pollution' brings a series of questions. With the development of the LED display industry, LED display companies have already can't ignore the harm of 'light pollution' give people, LED display enterprises also need to come up with a better solution to light pollution. LED display in the practice process of the industry, according to the causes of the formation of light pollution, took a basic solution of LED display products. Such as the display area of the reasonable planning and installation location; Adopt can automatically adjust the brightness of the regulating system, automatic brightness adjustment system can automatic conversion is suitable for the air environment brightness, avoid the light pollution. In LED display industry practice in the process of the formation of a series of solutions to a certain extent, solve the problem of light pollution, many enterprises are also actively practice their enterprise social responsibility, perfecting the specification in light pollution problems. But light pollution will also appear new problems, has yet to be industry constantly explore, all we see in the achievements of the solution to light pollution at the same time, also want to see we have problems. Current LED display industry, and the technical strength, the products are also differ in thousands ways, single products manufacturing light pollution problem will exist, a single enterprise manufacturing light pollution is not only related to the credibility of their enterprise, at the same time also can affect the ecological environment of the whole industry. There is no matter in which industry 'adept guard the entrance, dilettante watch the scene of bustle' phenomenon, the LED display industry as well. , pedestrian's eyes, whose production screen appeared light pollution, whose production process in some light pollution problem is not solved, all of the heart, the pedestrian eyes belly, but it seems to the layman, in the heart of the general public is not think so, as long as it is LED display light pollution problems, they don't tube this display is production of the young, will only be biased to blame for all the guilt of the LED display industry, an enterprise or a few mistakes need to pay for the whole industry.
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