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Chongqing's first LED light pollution case interpretation

by:Atop     2020-08-03
China semiconductor lighting network reported on January 22, has long been a city streets flashing LED advertising light boxes, LED advertising screen, day and night as part of the city 'rope', to the beauty of the city adds a lot of movement and color. But as a kind of light pollution at the same time, they also suffered a lot of 'residents' attacks - — 'Too distracting', 'light pollution', etc. Especially as the government's emphasis on environmental protection in recent years and residents of residential environment required to ascend, light pollution problems have nots allow to ignore. On December 28, 2018, chongqing residents court prosecution metro LED advertising screen operators 'light pollution' verdict: the defendant from this decision takes effect as of the date of, immediately stop light pollution. This is since last October the LED display interference light evaluation requirements announced, which is a standard of chongqing's first LED display light pollution cases. This also has a great significance for industry. The case by ruling limit the running time of the LED display and brightness values, first in the light pollution disputes, satisfy the need of the plaintiff's real life and also avoid the simple closure demolition of LED display caused by the defendant huge economic losses. Specified the brightness of the LED display after daily 19:00 value shall not be higher than 600 CD / ㎡, and consider different season people are used to the change of work and rest time, combining the request of the plaintiff and the defendant's identity, open time limit of LED display and so on. The current state of urban light pollution problem attaches great importance to, so to speak. Not only from light pollution strictly, demolition of a large number of light pollution phenomenon of LED light source. From the policy level, also issued a series of management standards, comprehensive renovation of urban light pollution problems, such as the recently, designs city-lighting project to bring the light of a nuisance, light pollution and urban lighting energy consumption is too high, our country is stepping up its revision of the standard of urban lighting, improve the industry standard in order to solve city 'light pollution'. And on the other hand, no light pollution in chongqing sentence or for implementation of the standards, can further promote the standardization of LED display urban management, thus driving the development of upstream manufacturers product research and development production standard. In the end, the development of any industry always adhere to the people-oriented, business mode of operation must be more human to have a bigger development space. Outdoor LED display screen beaming is not only the modernization of science and technology, more should be the culture of the city. How to take off the 'hat' is fundamentally industry manufacturers need to think about problems. At present, some outdoor LED display manufacturers do products should be based on the 'standard' related to production, improve product performance, in order to achieve the goal of effective control LED display light pollution. Direction and exposure to light, for example, make strict limitation such as size, or on the basis of guarantee the screen display, appropriate light output cuts, etc. , from the product itself, the research and development to further reduce the damage to the human eye discomfort outdoor display products. These can greatly improve LED city 'light pollution', is more important yes management standardization and implementation of operational, the future we also need to continue to agriculture, LED outdoor display real standardization, take off light pollution 'hat'. China's semiconductor lighting network
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