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China LED industry high-speed growth of Mini LED development

by:Atop     2020-08-04
China LED industry for nearly 10 years rapid development, under the condition of productivity growth beyond demand growth, LED industry in an acute structural adjustment. Because China's mainland and new capacity to join this year, is expected in 2019 LED industry oversupply pressures will continue. The industry more bullish on small spacing of LED display screen, automotive, Mini LED lighting and other related applications development, among them, and to display technology marks a new generation of Mini LED particularly notable. Most of mainland and Taiwan LED manufacturers supply chain, has invested the Mini LED related products, technology development and layout for Micro LED technology early. In mainland China, in addition to the three photoelectric, Ann HuaCan starlight, crystal photoelectric photoelectric, countries such as the LED companies are in the field of LED and Micro Mini LED flag, mainland panel bibcock also announced earlier this year with the american-owned Rohinni boe set up joint ventures, the future will be the common development of Micro LED solutions. Taiwan factory to speed up the Mini LED layout, 2019 contribution to increasing in Taiwan, LED epitaxial wafer photoelectric/grain companies in the second half of 2018 the formal production for e-sports and e-sports panel displays the Mini LED backlight, display screen and can be used in small spacing of RGB LED, Mini is expected in the second quarter of this year after the shipment is expected to enlarge scale, from the contribution of the Mini LED products is expected to improve in the second half year. Au optronics, the LED panel factory always ronda electronics factory in 2018 in the third quarter also started mass production, the Mini LED early also is given priority to with e-sports monitor and laptop computer screen, this year will further launch new products, application side from e-sports application products, focus on automotive panel backlight, and accelerate the commercialization of the RGB Mini LED display module. Revenue forecast this year the Mini LED product may come to 5% or higher. Also has the group panel factory resources LED manufacturers and gen photoelectric switch investment group of LED light 鋐 grain plant science and technology and the LED assembly house and honor. Among them, the light 鋐 completed in June 2018, dong prison re-election, the hon hai group honor and energy technology into later, has been accelerated into the Mini LED/Micro LED research and development, the related products have small shipment by the end of 2018. Honor and Mini LED product benefits fermentation is expected to begin in the first half of 2019. In addition, the LED assembly house macro together because of the past in the LED display screen has certain enterprise foundation, so the company in this wave of Mini LED development trend, also didn't miss. E-sports displays its Mini LED backlight in the supply chain, the display application with self-developed of 4 in 1 RGB Mini LED display screen, first strike high-level commercial forecasts this year the Mini LED products accounted for the proportion of revenue is expected to 3% from last year's, up to 1 above. Backlight/display screen together, Mini LED development high-profile Mini can be applied to the panel LED backlight, can also be used as a display screen, display technology is seen as more likely to join a new generation of Micro LED transition technology, so its development is a major concern. The definition of the industry for the Mini LED and Micro LED is also unable to agree, but in general the LED grain size (about 1 mm mm) Of view, the so-called Mini LED between 100 - grain size 200 microns ( micrometer, μm; 1 mm mm = 1000 microns in microns) Between, Micro LED grain size is at least 100 microns microns below, also have the manufacturer that grain size should be less than 60 microns below, can be called Micro leds. Mini LED back light, as a panel backlight control independently, which can realize more area to enhance the contrast of the LCD screen and brightness, and optimize the visual experience. Although at this stage cost is higher, but in the higher order e-sports e-sports notebook computer monitors, such special application market, since the end of 2018 the existing related products import, in the second half of 2019 is expected to have more new models. Mini LED used to display screen, the equivalent of the LED smaller small particles and spacing distance between the LED display screen. Small distance between the LED display screen has the advantages of no flat-fell seam, high brightness, in recent years in various large public display billboards and commercial display application has been rapid development, samsung has launched 406 inch super LED movie screen. Policy support, China LED industry high-speed growth MOCVD benefit from government subsidies and ten city light engineering policies, China LED industry for nearly a decade after high-speed growth, production scale up continuously. CSA according to China national semiconductor lighting project research and development and industry alliance, according to mainland China in 2018, the total number of MOCVD equipment more than 1900 units, more than 2017 more than 200 units, the machine number grew at more than 1. Since 2018, continued to purchase equipment, estimate China LED production capacity as well as the double-digit growth in 2019. In addition, according to dramexchange consultation LED research center ( LEDinside) , at the end of 2018 China LED lei chip manufacturers a total capacity of up to 11. 2 million pieces per month ( About 2 inches lei chips) , the annual increase rate of more than three. Is expected in 2019 China lei LED chip production capacity will increase again 1. 4 million/month ( (2 inches) And the growth rate is still more than 1. Mainland China continue to add capacity, will make the LED price pressures continue. Significant expansion as the scale of production capacity, capacity growth beyond demand growth, vendor inventories rise, LED prices continue to fall, into the adjustment of industrial structure, industry manufacturers facing serious test, mostly positive new applications for the next generation, expected effective to inventory, start afresh. 钱DJ
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