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China, Japan and South Korea production line LCD panel makers strongly expansion OLED relics is a foregone conclusion

by:Atop     2020-08-03
In recent years, under the influence of LCD product prices continue to slide, South Korea, Japan, China and other manufacturers have expanded construction of OLED factory, preempt the OLED market share. In 2019, according to IHS Markit, global in OLED panel terminal market survey, the proportion of smart phone is as high as 71%, is the 10% of wearable devices, television and home appliances the proportion of 6%, 10% in other areas. Among them 2019 smartphone city share first for samsung 40 OLED panel. 2%, Japan Japanese panel displays ( 日本公司显示。 ,JDI) Second, the city of rate was 12. 3%, mainland panel makers (boe 英国央行) At 11. Accounting for 9% of the city rate ranked third. In the city of OLED TV panels share first 49 for LG electronics. 8%; Sony as from 2017 began to launch OLED TV market share 23. 7% ranked second; Japanese electronics maker panasonic veteran ( 松下) With 13. Accounting for 8% of the city rate ranked third. In recent years the OLED panel by global smart phone, automotive devices, television, and wear brand factory, cause the commercial demand is also growing. The corresponding application field in different size, the industry earlier this year with a new type of product. LGD shown at this year's CES exhibition under 48 inches can roll type OLED TV in the hotel display 8 pieces of 55 inch OLED application market of wavy wall art and 2 pieces of 12. 3 inches of vehicle information display. Association for the advancement of photoelectric industry analyst Lin xian said, 2020 in the automotive panel is one of the important niche market, firms compete for Porsche had fired the first shot, the electric sports car in 2019 Taycan models into the first 16. 8 inch OLED display instrument surface, the subsequent Cadillac's fourth generation Escalade, tesla model X and the Audi A8 import is expected in the second half of the project. Lin xian further pointed out that the automobile industry is a very closed environment, international automakers would not Cost Down as the important task, because the car is related to life and property of the industry, the reliability of the product design of the bad or defects will cause depot a great compensation, so the factory will not easily to change suppliers, automotive OLED market will hopefully long-term pump panel makers. With fingerprint recognition under the screen touch function collocation OLED panel demand strongly, and the five largest smartphone brand companies have imported high-end mobile phones. OLED phone panel shipments surged, and compression LCD panel shipment, plus manufacturer in OLED technology, continuous optimization, production cost greatly decreased. In accordance with the current 5. 75 inch OLED panel cost compared with six inches LCD panel, the cost price has fallen to about when the level of the LCD, about 15 - — About $18. Lin xian said, Panasonic shock at the end of 2019 announced its 'Panasonic Liquid Crystal Display ( PLD) 'Stop LCD panel production business in 2021, meet the needs of the panel market, new products into OLED. And further stated in 2019 smart phones using OLED panel model, permeability of 60%, in contrast, the remaining 40% LCD panel model, permeability, future OLED panel to a large number of suppliers, the cost for test. In 2020 it will gradually replace mobile phone LCD panel display technology become a new generation of mainstream. Manufacturers in Taiwan on OLED layout relatively conservative care, only under the new capacity is limited, continuously creating differentiation size and high technology content product and to compete. Auo, said on the OLED display layout, to develop the 17. Inkjet printing (3 inches UHD 4 k IJP) OLED panel is scheduled Q4 for mass production, the future business to strengthen the LTPS automotive LCD panel, expected the first quarter of market share reached 12%. Another group of Taiwan factory said, now has no investment in the OLED research and development plan, and the future corporate strategy based on AM Mini LED products to replace the OLED panel. Lin xian pointed out that in 2019, according to electronic times OLED TV shipment growth rate of 46%, but in 2019, Taiwan panel production decline than the previous year 6%, Taiwan in 2019 OLED panel factory ship this wave peak, revenue does not follow market gradually grow. While Taiwanese manufacturers in OLED not grab market advantage, with inkjet printing OLED, Mini LED, Micro LED just developed a new technology, such as Taiwan would display technology to change through the emerging global panel market sector, open up another new game, the subsequent will continue to observe. Science and technology new
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