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Chau Ming autoart to layout the cinema display market

by:Atop     2020-08-02
On September 18, chau Ming's announcement of science and technology announced that the company controlling shareholders, actual controllers Ming back Mr Lin about 4. 200 million yuan will be holding 5% of the shares transferred to 11 BARCO visual electronics co. , LTD. ( Hereinafter referred to as the 'electronic') To promote global layout, LED display business. Changes in the rights and interests, Mr Lin Ming front hold chau Ming technology shares from 368071800 shares ( 40. 10%) Into 322178860 shares ( 35. 10%) ; Barco electronic hold chau Ming technology company 45892940 shares ( 5%) For shareholders holding more than 5%. BARCO electronic was registered in Hong Kong in 2003, the company is 11 NV ( Barco co. , LTD. ) A wholly owned subsidiary. 11, founded in 1934, 1986 in Brussels, Belgium, the pan-european exchange. 11 now has three business entertainment, business and medical sectors, its scope of business throughout the americas, Asia Pacific, Europe and the Middle East. In 2018, 11 10 was realized. The sale of 2. 9 billion euros, attributable to the parent company shareholder's net income of 75 million euros, at present, the company staff of 3664 people around the world. Chau Ming technology business revenue of 45 in 2018. 2. 4 billion yuan ( 49% YoY) ; Net profit attributable to the parent company shareholders of 4. 1. 2 billion yuan ( 45% YoY) 。 Which LED product sales income 22 small spacing. 700 million yuan ( 49% YoY) LED display, small spacing sales accounted for 61% of sales revenue, the company has become the most main source of revenue. 11 in image and video processing and LED the overall solution has leading technology advantages, through the strategic cooperation, chau Ming can use 11 in the solution, image processing, and other advantages, to speed up in the control room, AR/VR, medical treatment, and other professional film market developments in the field of LED display speed, especially for movie screen market, 11 and chau Ming technology will cooperate, complementary advantages, the advantages of using 11 in film market can assist chau Ming science and technology as soon as possible to finish the DCI certification standard cinema LED display solution, under the joint development and promotion of both sides, for the outbreak of the LED display used in the cinema market technology and market reserves. At the same time, 11 can use chau Ming in cost control, intelligent manufacturing, small spacing display technology advantages, such as its global competitiveness. According to latest report LEDinside '2020 global LED display and Micro LED display market outlook, points out that to 2023, the expected every eight mainstream standard screen screen would have a screen screen will display is converted into a high-order ( 溢价屏幕) , 25000 or so 30000 advanced display ( 溢价屏幕) Demand, expected the market segment of the global potential demand as much as billions of dollars. In image display, Gao Qinghua cinema will be a projector manufacturers with LED display manufacturers compete for the market. Is destined to high resolution image shows trends more than 4 k and even 8 k, laser projector has high resolution, Gao Liuming projection ability; The LED display can easily reach the high update rate, high resolution and high dynamic range image, thus became the cinema market in the hottest technology route of the screen. 11 global cinema market share from 41% in 2012 to 50% in 2018. If for different regional markets, 11 in the United States, Europe and China's city of rate were 59%, 51%, and 50% respectively. The strategic cooperation with chau Ming science and technology, for 11, not only can expand the cinema market product lines, can also with the help of a Chinese partner, manufacturing capacity and cost advantages, in the trend of the rise in LED cinema screen to consolidate the global theater equipment market leading position; For chau Ming, the cooperation of both sides, will promote chau Ming technology across the international market, promote the international brand awareness. For cinema display market, in addition to chau Ming active layout of science and technology, other are also gradually into the field of LED display manufacturers, recently, by rolling up institute of electronic and science and technology of China's film 'joint laboratory LED screen movie play system' officially founded at autoart electronics headquarters, goal is to build up the 'China LED screen movie play system' technical standards, through the international certification, obtained the domestic and foreign digital movie titles show permissions, promote 'China LED screen movie play system' commercial, and enhance 'LED screen movie broadcast system in China' in the domestic and international market competitiveness. With the mature of LED display technology and cost to fall further, and the superiorities of LED screen on the display effect, coupled with the manufacturer's layout and cross-border cooperation actively, LEDinside forecasts LED display cinema market in the years to come will have faster growth, the global potential demand of billions dollars, the main driving factor for the consumer demand of the experience of the differentiation can also bring the tickets to raise space, increase the movie market saturation order screen yields. LEDinside
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