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Challenge the OLED display status, the Mini LED geometric odds?

by:Atop     2020-09-12
As the OLED display technology has been applied on the iPhone X, and accounts for more than 50% in the high-end TV market, China and South Korea OLED construction enthusiasm high, but influenced by Chinese OLED production release slowly, at present still basically monopolized by South Korea's samsung mobile OLED panel, and high-end TV OLED panel are monopolized by South Korea's LG. Apple in order to reduce the dependence on samsung display panels, by acquiring Luxvue actively developing a new generation of Micro LED display technology, but considering the Micro LED in technical and cost aspects there are still many problems need to overcome, GGII think the commercialization of Micro LED still need 3 - 5 years or so. To counter the dominance of South Korea OLED, also looking for new growth point for the LED at the same time, a lot of the mainland and Taiwan LED chip and packaging enterprises to actively developing Mini LED, in an attempt to fill the OLED panel are in short supply, and solve the problem of Micro LED has not yet been commercialized, Mini LED refers to the grain size of about 100 microns LED chip, the LED chip after the array can be used as a display screen, mobile phones and TV backlight, display technology is a new generation of Micro LED the vanguard. Mini LED display applications mainly aimed at the existing small spacing display market and more than 75 inches of large screen TV, Mini LED back light application is mainly as a super power, ultra-thin straight down type backlight mobile phones, TV, Mini LED backlight is better than general edge-lit back light have pervious to light uniformity and high contrast and more details. Here are experts from research institute of LED, a detailed analysis on these two markets: backlight market because of the Mini LED backlight technology can realize the flexible OLED display, and has a wide color gamut, without borders, and other functions, at the same time, the Mini LED backlight, using local dimming design, its another advantage to the LCD is more elaborate HDR partition. LCD in scale and precision of HDR partition, is actually the back light brightness area scale and precision of adjustment. So will have the opportunity to use in mobile phones, TV applications. We will side into the light LED + LCD, Mini LED, LCD, OLED contrast is as follows: the Mini LED the side back light dozens of LED lamp bead, turned into a straight down the back light thousands, tens of thousands, or even more light bead, the HDR precision reached an unprecedented level, at the same time, the Mini LED can be realized now popular mobile bang design and full screen, thickness can be the same as OLED. And relatively low OLED nearly half price, given the current high cost of OLED and insufficient capacity, Mini LED + LCD as a choice for domestic mobile phone in the end, a huge market. According to the part mass production manufacturer revealed its Mini LED products will get the commercial application in the second half of 2018. In the TV panel, edge-lit now only need 10 high brightness LED backlight design, mobile phone backlight need only 25 more leds, but converted to the Mini LED, backlight LED TV panel number can pull up to tens of thousands of stars, 5 inches smartphone panel backlight is 9000 - 10000 Mini LED. Display the Mini LED display has a better play of colour, and OLED illumination which can compare with high contrast effect, its thickness also approaching the OLED, more with different cutting properties, with soft substrates can achieve high surface in the form of a backlight. In terms of energy consumption is lower than the OLED products 20% ~ 30%, the reaction time faster than OLED, using temperature is also wide in LCD or OLED. And compared with the technology is not yet ripe for Micro LED display technology, the Mini LED technology difficulty is lower, it is easier to realize the mass production, and can develop LCD back light market in great quantities, in the short term market promotion difficulty is far lower than the Micro LED. In general, the Mini LED with rival OLED image quality, low energy consumption, plasticity, and low technical difficulty, at the same time there will be no 'burn-in' problems of OLED are, under 75 inch display, costs are much higher than LCD products now, so the promotion is difficult, but in some large size such as more than 75 inches of high-end TV and special applications, the Mini LED the OLED and LCD phase cost about the same, so is expected to share 75 inches high with LCD and OLED display market. Research experts production LED research institute believes that the Mini LED backlight + can will mature LED and LCD LCD technology combine, at a relatively low cost to realize the function of the OLED panel, is a high-end LCD panel for the future development direction; Accompanied by the growth of domestic demand for large screen display and Mini LED prices lower, the Mini LED display also is expected to start up gradually, GGII forecast 2018 Mini LED the application of the size of the market is expected to reach 300 million yuan, the backlight application is the main direction, 2018 - Mini LED is expected to remain around 175% growth in 2020, the Mini LED market scale will reach 2. 2 billion yuan in 2020. The current layout of the Mini LED enterprises mainly for the mainland and Taiwan, GGII statistics the progress of the factory is as follows: as the pioneer of the Mini LED application, Mini LED backlight technology need more LED use number, yes backlight cost increase. Based on the superposition of the Mini LED LED chip using number increased, the overall cost will soar. As the mainland LCD panel production capacity of large-scale expansion, in the case of weak demand fuelling trend decline in the price of the panel. If a new generation of Mini LED panel no competitive advantage, disadvantage in cost will be further enlarged. In addition, the Mini LED chip side, and its yield is also the key factors that affect the cost. This article from: lighting headlines
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