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By the Hong Kong team take the lead in development of OLED light-emitting materials are expected to break Europe and the United States patent monopoly

by:Atop     2020-08-05
Studies have shown that organic light-emitting diode ( OLED) About the screen, television and mobile phone screen related industry is very important.     Vivian wing-wah yam display all kinds of OLED materials ( Big picture) Now most of OLED products are the rare metal iridium ( Iridium) Chemical complexes as luminescent materials, currently occupy more than ninety percent of the global market, and by the United States and Europe and other countries of the related patent monopoly, so manufacturers often have to pay a high royalty used for production. By the university of Hong Kong as a whole and in combination with 5 local university interdisciplinary team, in the past five years to make a breakthrough success, including the use of gold and platinum compounds as raw materials for the light, and display technology research and development innovation and components, with the knowledge of the 'Hong Kong' independent property rights and patent technology, provide solution for relevant product commercialization. OLED is illuminated, wide Angle, fast response time, high efficiency, power saving, high brightness, and the advantages of very thin, can be widely used in display screens, television, mobile phone screen and future 'electronic paper display products, such as' is the world's attention. But at the industry level, but still face the iridium compound patent monopoly, affect the cost of manufacture. By hku chemistry professor Vivian wing-wah yam as a whole and in combination with hkust, hkbu, polyu and the big city of chemistry, physics, materials science and engineering interdisciplinary team of experts, in the past five years 'subject research plan' for the it support, the OLED display and photovoltaic battery technology fields such as a number of important achievements, also published a 260 article on high academic influence. Among them, Vivian wing-wah yam team focused on research and development to trivalent gold ( Au( III) ) Compound luminous as raw materials, the world success at room temperature, the other cross-school are experts in research and development team with platinum as raw materials in OLED, and large-area light-emitting device, according to break through the existing restrictions, integration of the 'Hong Kong' OLED display knowledge patent new technology, have the opportunity to change the existing huge market of ecology. Hku scientists point out that the cross-school research projects to promote interdisciplinary collaboration research achievements of strategic basis, for Hong Kong to create world-class technology, also for the local, mainland and international industry partners to create new knowledge and technology transfer opportunities, can promote more downstream development and commercial activities. High LED
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