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'Block chain' is manufacturing LED display industry get upgrade key?

by:Atop     2020-08-01
'Block chain' can be said to be the most recent manufacturing fire, the concept of early application is the main form of digital currency, now the concepts and techniques is seeping into the more innovation, and even a lot of people think 'block chain' is the key to upgrade China's manufacturing industry.     As is known to all, the German industrial 4 in 2013. 0 identified as one of the top ten projects in the future, but now the industry 4. 0 process seems to be still in the initial stage. 4, after all, so far, the industry. 0 or a future vision, we have to do more or imagined it. But this does not mean that the industrial 4. 0 distant period.     Based on the development mode of the Internet it is easy to find, as the flow of data acquisition and the underlying technology, the Internet of things, big data and cloud computing, artificial intelligence has got preliminary development. At the same time, 90% of small and medium-sized enterprises is faced with lack of innovation power, serious brain drain, the problem of the technical barriers are hard to break, they think they don't even need to set foot on intelligent car manufacturing.     Large excess capacity, small enterprises running out of steam. Despite our technological development speed is fast enough, we are looking forward to work with, consensus, to rule the Internet governance, we seek a credible, sharing and security of the digital economy, never became reality. This is why industrial 4. 0 is technically within reach, but distant period on the status quo.     4 block chain is industry. Ultimate antidote? 0 & emsp;   Open, transparent, decentralization, is the characteristics of block chain technology. With such characteristics of block of industrial chain technology. 0 in terms of what's the point?     Mentioned earlier, to realize the intelligent and customized manufacturing production, in addition to master good automation intelligent production technology, to master a large amount of data. 4. 0 in plain English is also a digital economy revolution. And block chain technology can be very good as credible, sharing and security of the digital economy of the underlying technology.     Block chain technology helps to increase efficiency of supply chain management. Transparent data between the parties, and on the whole supply chain to form a complete and smooth flow of information, this ensures that the parties involved in the supply chain system problems existing in the process of operation, and to find the methods to solve the problem, and then improve the whole efficiency of supply chain management. Block chain technology can avoid the dispute of the supply chain. Do not tamper with the data and the timestamp of proof for the existence of a character can well applied to solve disputes between each participation main body in the supply chain system, realize easy to proof and accountability.     Like to our LED display manufacturing industry, the most promising industrial upgrading is not improve the production efficiency, minimize costs, because it is still the industrial age competition, in the information age, develop block chain technology, adding a historical dimension to each product. You can make this product traceability of raw material is from which factory, which USES the supporting facilities, and experience how to production process. 。 。 。 。 。 As the end customer, must prefer the second.     Based on block chain after-sales service tracking & emsp;   In the electronic manufacturing industry, mainly including two types of enterprises, namely OEM and ODM. In simple terms, OEM is foundry enterprise, does not have the product brand. Main do ODM design and development, is the owner of the brand. ODM companies generally only control product development and sales, and parts manufacturing, procurement and design and the logistics outsourcing to OEM business.     The production process of electronic products enterprises, due to more suppliers and logistics supply chain is more complicated, warehouse management and after-sales service cost is very high. Using block chain technology can help the enterprise to achieve production of their products and after-sales service tracking. In the chain of blocks on the registration of products, from the production line to track the final destination. When a smartphone from warehouse to distribution channels or to customer, can use block chain technology to realize trajectory tracking of product lifecycle, effectively prevent fraud.     Through the establishment of after-sales block chain, the enterprise can detect abnormal situation, to prevent a series of fraudulent activity related to warranty and service. The user ( Or pretend to be the user) Deception commonly used include: false buy proves that the use of loopholes in management many times to enjoy service warranty service. In the case of control cost growth, extended warranty and insurance services, effectively improve the level of after-sales service.     At present, the relevant regulator has already started to work with manufacturers to develop regulatory cooperation scheme based on block chain. Because except for raw materials procurement, supply chain traceability and product manufacturing itself anti-counterfeiting is inevitable demand, regulators also need to use block chain to strengthen the regulation of market products. Can be expected, with the development of the block chain technology mature, the future will have more manufacturing scenario starts application block chain technology. This article from: China network security exhibition
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