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Attention to buy transformation, LED the higher-ups action continuously

by:Atop     2020-09-13
Recently, LED the higher-ups seems to operate smoothly, with runoff. Following last week's international companies after m&a expansion, this week LED ring for the craze, and acquisition of equity, and investment company, have power layout in different fields. Significant transformation and a crystal report news is to attract the attention of the industry a lot of, have curious what will change after operating strategy of company development change. . . . . . in addition, the Taiwan factory in this week published a view on the future operation, at the same time, the company also unveiled a new Mini LED display technology and the progress of the niche applications, read quite a lot. Idle time, but it will take a look at the good news. Higher-ups strategy huang bo photoelectric intends to purchase three companies equity, full auto 21 layout, the new three board company chongqing farce bo photoelectric co. , LTD. , release the material assets reorganization preplan company intends to bo fast retailing industry ( China) Purchase its holdings of issued shares are jersey 60 cars. A stake of 00%, as well as to pay the cash to buy, the industrial holding REBO ( The United States) 40% of the equity and bo fast retailing industry ( Germany) A 100% stake. After completion of the transaction, a farce, photoelectric in the field of auto lamps and lanterns industry core competitiveness will be fully promoted, the company will gradually formed the basis of globalization strategy. Honest end of science and technology to set up the industry mergers and acquisitions funds, planned investment of 50 million 21, honest statement of science and technology, the company and shenzhen, worship industry investment management of the partnership ( Limited partnership) Signed a cooperation framework agreement, the company plans to use their own cash funds 50 million yuan investment industry m&a. But given the framework agreement signed after the funds have not been able to set up, and no other substantial progress, and based on the company's work center of gravity change, the actual development situation and the change of market environment, the two sides decided to no longer continue to fund industry m&a project cooperation. Three Ann photoelectric wholly owned subsidiary to 22, 50 million foreign invested company three photoelectric announcement, the company integrated circuit co. , LTD. , a wholly owned subsidiary of xiamen three Ann in its own currency was registered capital of 50 million yuan in Shanghai, China, a wholly owned subsidiary, tentative name for the three Ann integrated circuit co. , LTD. (Shanghai Finally to approval shall prevail) , mainly engaged in research and development and sales work in the field of integrated circuit. A major shift! Crystal electricity to the end of the transformation of segmentation for the LED three companies such as crystal electricity before the end of the quasi three independent career into responsible for leds and laser crystal electric enterprises, responsible for the VCSEL and power electronic elements of semiconductor crystal electricity and is responsible for the modules and components of the electrical technology 3 companies, will start with 2 other companies crystal electricity enterprise ownership, do not rule out future independent public, including electric semiconductor crystal the most chance of independent public first, crystal electric was established for 21 years, emerge splitting the blueprint for the first time. Leishi to 5. 4. 5 billion overweight two company, continue to overweight LED23, leishi announced that the company intends to acquire core light blue Roman international held by Hong Kong trade co. , LTD. 60% stake, for the rest of the purchase price is 500 million yuan, according to previous announcement, leishi has Roman on March 16, 2018 and Hong Kong international co. , LTD. , conclude an agreement to buy and sell, buy a 40% stake in light blue core value of the yuan 3. 1. 5 billion yuan. In addition, the company's wholly-owned subsidiary in zhuhai leishi to buy zhang peng held 5% stake in the wuhu leishi, purchase price is 45 million yuan. Power is Siemens to buy American literally, intelligent buildings, Siemens building technology department is acquired based in silicon valley, literally Inc. The company. The company is building intelligent Internet of things ( 物联网) A leading supplier in the system, was established in 2009, has made great success in the field of intelligent building, the advanced digital induction system to the market. Both parties agree not to disclose financial details. Acquisition is expected to end in the third quarter of 2018. Literally as independent legal entity and a wholly owned subsidiary of Siemens industry company. Select news 'nanchang optical valley' prototype has now formed a high-end LED product line 17, the reporter understands from nanchang a news conference 'nanchang optical valley' prototype has now, in 2018, electronic information industry in the city's main business income will strive to break through the billions of mark. At present, nanchang electronic information industry has formed the leds and mobile communication terminal two relatively complete industry, has the features of high technical content and good prospects for development, has become an important support strength of the city's industrial development. The samsung research and development center of the opening of a wafer foundry, trying to catch up with TSMC? Yonhap news agency reported that samsung device chip business solutions department supervisor, reportedly recently set up a wafer foundry r&d center, strengthen the hand of strength. Device solutions unit had already had eight research and development center, including storage, System LSI, semiconductor, packaging, LED, production technology, software, the panel. The future plan to catch up with the leading wafer foundry TSMC. , the ASUS to JAPAN and its dealers tort litigation on the 18th, day the Japanese subsidiary of asustek computer co. , LTD. The ASUS JAPAN co. , LTD ( 'Japan asus') And its dealers SYNNEX Infotec corporation, to the Tokyo district court patent infringement lawsuits, damages.
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