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Application field innovation development LED enterprises usher in new opportunities for new challenges

by:Atop     2020-08-05
The LED display industry development in our country for more than twenty years, has stepped into a steady development stage. From the point of industrial structure, our country LED display also gradually changed in recent years, the industry specialization is forming, focus on display production manufacturers, sellers market channels, engineering installation service operators and other kinds of specialized enterprises, a clear division of responsibilities, close cooperation, development and win-win situation is forming, specialized division of labor is beneficial to do fine, do big, do strong, to promote the healthy development of the industry have a positive significance.     After nearly two years, after the subdivided market booming, LED display industry has gradually mature, in order to further enlarge the market demand of LED display, each big LED display companies moving target to explore new display applications. Nowadays, LED display has 'blossoming', not only in the field of stage design, outdoor advertising, and other areas of the application of traditional 'crawl', but also to fill the gaps each big market in the field of new applications, successfully penetrated into People's Daily life.   With excellent display advantage power application field innovation & emsp;   With the progress and development of science and technology, both in churches and temples or community on the LED display, for weeks, propaganda, release information and other activities. In addition, the LED display as the important carrier of information, with its high resolution, the advantages of the broadcast content flexible, had begun to replace traditional information transmission equipment, such as LCD screen, projector on the market position of leaves theaters, high-end fields such as education and advanced video meeting, although at this stage has not been applied widely in these areas into, but from the current market for the LED display shows the effect of feedback, from universal coverage is not far.   At the same time, the exhibition economy and e-sports, due to the LED display can not only clear and timely send the message, also can bring audio-visual enjoyment, attract the audience's attention, make it become the two new areas of choice, bring the huge market demand. Also have to mention is that wisdom cities across the globe, security monitoring center, integrated command platform application more and more, public security, intelligence transportation are subject to a lot of attention, it also promote the development and popularization of LED display the market directly, will continue to play its inherent excellent display advantage.     Market expanding technology requires a comprehensive upgrade, of course, 'a radish, a pit', in different areas of application, also each are not identical to the requirement of LED display. Such as beautiful, for the city LED transparent screen is suitable for glass curtain wall, Creative assembly can implement stage, easy to remove LED abnormity screen; Stand a closer look at the test, in the indoor LED display shows as a small spacing; The differentiation of the product technology content is higher, their research and development in different areas of application of the proposed as according to different requirements, make its have unique features can be better applied to the corresponding field. Now, in the face of expand the field of application of the LED display industry may put forward higher technical requirements.     For security monitoring, senior indoor display fields such as video conference, with the higher pursuit of high quality display market, these areas is becoming more and more high to the requirement of display screen resolution, distance between how to do a smaller target is all enterprise technology department. Although now COB packaging technology mature, for small spacing LED display help many, but the huge cost brought by the COB application is the biggest obstacle of COB small spacing product. The huge market demand in sight, who can first solve the problem of cost and technology, who will be occupying the innovation in the field of 'bosses'.   Moreover, with the AR, 3 d and VR innovation technology mature, interaction type technology combined with LED display at the show and public security and other fields of interactive visualization is widely recognized, it will become a trend for the future development of LED display. This, however, to the LED display enterprise comprehensive strength put forward higher request, not only need to enterprises have a solid economic foundation, technology research and development capabilities must also keep pace with The Times, walking in the forefront of the industry.     Industry regulations imperfect enterprises have higher challenge & emsp;   Constantly blaze new trails, LED display applications for enterprise, is the opportunity and challenge. According to the authority is expected, the next few years, the global LED display market demand is still maintained rapid growth, the average annual growth rate will exceed 20%, by 2020, the LED display market will be worth $30 billion.
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