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Apple suppliers LGD iPhone first OLED screen production setback, or enable the E6 2

by:Atop     2020-08-13
A few days ago, apple suppliers (LG display company LG显示器) In the production of OLED display panel problems, according to reports, the company in South Korea is one of the production line problem, this production line is considered for 2019 iPhone OLED panel production. As a long-term supplier for the iPhone, LG display is believed the company will produce the OLED panel for the next iPhone. E6- 1 production line in South Korea gyeonggi-do Paji, is regarded as a main place of screen production, but the production line problem, may force LG enable E6 - another production line 2. Investor's message says, thin-film encapsulation process adding layer to the top in the OLED panel to protect organic spontaneous photodiode problems, especially for organic matter spray nozzle on the panel. Encapsulates the organic film machine is provided by LG group, a subsidiary of LG PRI and E6 - 2 production line rely on machines from the United States Kateeva to accomplish the same task. South Korean media reported etnews, LG display ( LGD) Apple plans to provide the E6 - use flexible OLED screen production line 1 have been cut production, the speculation, the reason and the LG subsidiary equipment. The report pointed out that the main problems occurred in the early stage of the process. Because of the E6 - 1 has yet to enter formal production, was due to meet output efficiency, among them, the protection of organic material film packaging engineering especially cannot reach the standard. LGD is transforming film packaging related equipment, in an attempt to improve performance. Will the E6 - at present 2 first mass production, and provide samples of apple, E6 - in the past 1 production samples will be transferred to the E6 2. E6- 1 and the E6 2 in the previous process, coating machine adopts Japanese Canon Tokki products, but the film packaging process, the manufacturing equipment to choose a different brand of organic membrane, E6 - 1 the LG electronics materials production technology ( PRI) Equipment, E6 - 2 Kateeva products using the United States. In terms of manufacture inorganic membrane equipment, two production line all use chipmaking gear device. Industry relevant personage points out, LG PRI equipment production problems caused by the nozzle, LGD with LG PRI were analysed, the transformation on this question. In the past, in fact, LG PRI supply to E5 production line, this is the second time with OLED with packaging equipment, in addition to this, LG PRI has experience with laser cutting equipment supply flexible panel. Well known is that apple's products, manufacturing products demanding complete degree, even designated production equipment, head of the model, manufacturing company, manufacturing, etc. , but the LGD to apple for the LG PRI equipment, after many negotiations to obtain the results. So part of the analysis thinks, LGD may be blind with LG PRI equipment problems. LG PRI is a subsidiary of LG group, in order to improve the sales technical force, as the goal, in the past, a small amount of supply to tianma microelectronics, after but difficult to achieve results in China, provides the main process equipment at present to LGD. Has in the past have LGD requires cooperation companies, have to sign with LG PRI can supply to LGD. Standpoint, from LGD cooperation company LG PRI take partial profits and generate revenue to reduce the problem. LG PRI expressed to rationalize LG unit purchase prices, and improve the efficiency of purchase. LGD is explained, the E6 - 1,E6。 2 was originally a preparation for different models, different models of the production plan. Industry relevant personage proposal, consider a variety of problems, such as production efficiency, it is difficult to put the blame on a particular device, but this time, the industry of cooperation, the production efficiency unceasingly spreads, LGD necessary to transparency problem to solve. A source says, LG display has persuaded apple using LG machine production of the OLED panel, showing confidence in realizing stable production gains. At the same time, LG in the E6 - 2 production lines installed on its rival samsung display ( 三星显示器) Use American Kateeva machine, which indicates that the company has prepared for different situation. As is known to all, apple USES a variety of generation to meet their production requirements for industry and commerce, and usually used in the production of the parts of high specific mechanical requirements. Industry observers believe that LG PRI technical ability is not yet mature, not enough to meet the demand of encapsulation, LG display the company is a major supplier apple the next iPhone screen, which could cause costly mistakes to apple. LG has to apple AppleWatch OLED panel is provided, but most of the OLED AppleWatch orders provided by samsung. The next iPhone OLED panel and select LG, appears to show the company hope that through cooperation with other suppliers to hedge risk. LG Display are reportedly downplayed production problems, saying that it has been in the preparation of different OLED models as a solution. Set piconets set piconets
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