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Apple MicroLED global market shows that industrial structure will change

by:Atop     2020-08-13
According to foreign media reports, the company will be the first independent design and production MicroLED display, at present had used the California headquarters secret factory near a small screen for testing. MicroLED materials used are different from the current OLED screen, is expected to make the future more thin, clearer and more energy efficient. , though apple has attempted to applied to AppleWatch MicroLED production difficulty is higher, to apply to the iPhone will have to wait for three to five years. Wall Street institutions Cowen analysts report that MicroLED production process is very complicated, apple's commercial projects may distance for several years, and apple may still need to display panel manufacturers technical support. Apple value MicroLED technology, strengthening independent research and development MicroLED is also known as miniature leds, invented by scientists in the United States in 2000 at the earliest. MicroLED and OLED, are composed of light emitting diode, the composition of different places is the LED material. MicroLED technology is used in the luminous part of inorganic gallium nitride ( GaN) Materials. This material can provide higher brightness than OLED products, on the response speed, contrast and color saturation are better than the OLED screen. Due to using inorganic materials, MicroLED also won't appear the OLED screen 'short-lived' problem. At the same time, the thinner MicroLED can make screen panel, in terms of power consumption, and much lower than OLED screen. Because MicroLED too 'miniature', how to transmit a tiny components and paste forming, become the production MicroLED screen problem. As early as in 2014, apple is by buying LuxVue, began to layout MicroLED technology. According to the data of the south Korean government, in the past ten years, apple filed for a total of 11 MicroLED related patents, the LuxVue 23 patents applied for. That means apple a total master MicroLED patent number as many as 34. So much of the number of patents that apple is likely to be used in future electronic devices MicroLED display. Apple all the application patent covers MicroLED panels of various techniques, such as chip structure, control system, control over MicroLED panel handling process. According to sources, MicroLED screen production difficulty is far higher than apple's first use of OLED screen on the iPhone X, apple in about a year ago almost gave up this project, but the team of engineers have made progress, the technology has entered the late stage at present, but consumers may need to wait for a few years to see further achievements. In recent years, in the face of the mobile phone market growth is abate, in order to strengthen the control and flexibility, apple began to use various methods to cut costs and tried to keep the pace of innovation uninterrupted, strengthening independent research and development. Although the early stage of the independent research and development investment is larger, but once that is done, with apple every year hundreds of millions of iPhone sales, will be able to save a lot of patent fee. OFweek shows small plait that apple layout MicroLED field can not only seize market opportunities, you can also to hustle and containment of competitors, the dominant technology in the future competition, will help apple in the smartphone market breakthrough of increasingly mature, and transcend rivals such as samsung electronics has high-end display technology, to further strengthen the apple in the intelligent equipment industry. Supply chain have advantages MicroLED instead of OLED, Taiwan have long since abandoned OLED display industry technology, technology of MicroLED high hopes. MicroLED performance in image with OLED, even with LED backlight advantages, compared with OLED occupied volume, the industry chuckles, low efficiency of OLED is 'to the area for efficiency', so bullish on Micro leds have the chance to replace. MicroLED technology affects panel and LED two big industries, to rely on upstream and downstream industry technology combined with common design, to overcome a manufacturing bottleneck, therefore, currently engaged in Taiwan factory contains auo, group and the two groups. Auo's LED factory ronda, while the innolux is dominated by the hon hai group combined with sharp ( 锋利的) , glory, and the upstream chip factory crystal electricity, 錼 and continuous research and development, commercial once figure monarch technology bottleneck. Previously, hon hai group has invested the Micro LED industry eLux, Micro LED screens, and are looking for sharp, innolux, a stake in eLux. Statistics show that group of gen, glory and hold eLux 13, respectively. 64%, 9. Highlighted 09% stake, hon hai chairman terry gou, the innolux and rong and the development of Micro leds are heavily dependent on. Industry, apple work closely with hon hai group, group a, glory and will play a pioneer. Innolux JingLong as executive vice President and technology development center is responsible for the people said, that will be the next generation of Micro LED display technology mainstream, in front of the mature technology, the leading group of the development of AM miniLED automotive panel has won big favor, and actively develop small and medium size of application solutions, the end of the year will be the first commercialization. Ding Jinglong said that in the short term MicroLED on lei chip miniaturization and huge amounts of transfer, and a rising cost driver circuit after the increase in the number, and ensure that such problems as single grain yield, LED to the invention of the MicroLED remains far, at present, products are ordered products on the market, but MiniLED expect to transition into the important stage to MicroLED, LED factory will lei grain miniature to 100-200 microns, and panel factory in TFT ( Thin film transistor) Technology for matrix circuit driver, therefore, the industry can develop MiniLED, MicroLED in touch stone across the river way. This article from: science and technology of China China LED net net
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