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Analytic Micro LED application and technical development blueprint

by:Atop     2020-08-25
According to the set consulting LED research center ( LEDinside) Latest report, as a result of Micro LED to the emergence of the Mini LED LED display on consumer electronics, from the backlight gradually into the self-luminous, the role of each in the future display a LED will become pixels, will greatly promote the use of LED wafer number. As the technology bottleneck breakthrough, cost down, as long as there is a small display products began to import the technology, for the whole LED output contribution will be very large. Therefore LEDinside forecast, after waiting for relevant product commercialization, to 2022 Micro LED & amp; 迷你LED ( Excluding transfer) The output value will reach 13. Further grow up of $800 million, 2025 to 28. 9. 1 billion dollars. Application of Micro leds short metaphase what market? Need high brightness AR projection equipment, large display panels, such as display ( 数字LED显示屏) Application, as well as TV compare have the opportunity to import Micro LED technology in nearly three years, and the accelerated step by step. From the point of the competitive landscape of the overall display industry, has been observed in Japanese and Korean manufacturers want to import Micro LED display technology to do market segmentation, especially in the large size of the TV and commercial display, etc. At present more than 75 inches of super large display, using traditional LCD and OLED panel, due to restrictions of the birth process cost can't drop, terminal product price will be very high. But if using Micro LED technology, can make a large display through the stitching way, the chance to fill the blank of the existing monitor technology zone. In addition to very large display, we also observed AR applications such as Micro LED projection also in full swing of development. Because the Micro LED has high brightness, save electricity, and can make a module of miniaturization, light machine after being Micro LED technology mature, will have the opportunity to become the new mainstream of display technology. LEDinside forecast overall shipments of AR products in 2025 to 4 million, of which the Micro LED projection technology product the proportion will reach 18%. What are the advantages of using Micro LED technology of AR products? First of all, the AR products quite tall to the requirement of size, weight, must strive to use comfortable, so the projection technology is the use of micro display, 微显示) Integration, will display the image or images of all the pixels to the monolithic integrated circuit module, including projection LCOS, DLP technology to produce images need for an additional light source. For Micro OLED although can directly on the integrated circuit which illuminated, reduce light volume, reduce the overall weight, but low brightness, and vulnerable to the influence of environmental light, reduce the display contrast effects. Therefore, although spontaneous light source is the same, but the brightness and contrast is better than that of Micro OLED Micro LED technology will eventually win. Micro LED application market outlook for a long time in the long term, Micro LED to cut into the mainstream of display market, certainly will have to reduce the cost and raising the production efficiency. Once the key breakthrough in technology and cost, Micro LED to have the opportunity to fully replace the existing display technology. Due to Micro LED LED chip the size of the miniature below 100 (including m, for the LED chip factory, from LED epitaxial design to chip process requires the new equipment, such as higher uniformity of MOCVD, higher resolution of exposure machine, laser stripping substrates such as equipment, will increase the cost of capital expenditure and the depreciation. Coupled with early because has yet to reach scale economy benefits, the single chip Micro LED wafer unit price will be higher than the traditional LED wafer 5 ~ 6 times. As equipment amortization finish and process yield improvement, is expected to decline year by year, Micro LED cost five years later the cost per unit area of Micro LED have access to the traditional LED. Giant in huge amount transfer, each system has a considerable amount of transfer technology of synchronous development. Because of the variable is relatively more, so it is still difficult to judge which kind of technology will be the mainstream of the future. This article from: LED information search LED
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