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Analyses of small and medium size OLED display the development of new blue ocean

by:Atop     2020-08-11
Have to say, the OLED screen application range is continuously widening, in addition to the high-end smart phones, TV, commercial display, there is a lit attention has also been quietly in the field of industry, that is car application. At the start of the year, samsung will be the latest flexible and through OLED display to join the new type of car display in the prototype design, for instrument panel and other parts. Since then, there have been reports LGD and Benz, Volkswagen, Toyota, general supply agreement signed the OLED. Mercedes Benz will launch in the first half of 2020 in part E model pioneered in LGD flexible OLED display. Recently, the audi announced for the new e - Tron EV crossover concept car to install virtual rearview mirror (7 inch OLED Equipped with external camera) To replace the traditional rearview mirror. Although the OLED screen has not been a reverse swing in Volkswagen market, but the layout of the industry giants are scrambling to behavior has enough to say this area is the future development potential is huge. Taiwan association for the advancement of photoelectric ( PIDA) Also think that OLED panel application in the car display off since 2018. The personage inside course of study points out, for most cars, usually equipped with two pieces of panel, a piece for the central information display, a piece for rear seat entertainment shows. Some high-end models with head-up display. Since 2017, used in electronic rearview mirror display panel demand expands, the reason is that the United States, Europe, Japan and South Korea's decision to lift its ban on without the production models by the rear view mirror. Compared with TFT - LCD, OLED panel has faster response time and lower power consumption, and have flexible display capability, very suitable for automotive applications. Not only the automobile industry, OLED has stared the air show this 'fat'. In June this year, the united Arab emirates airlines to launch a new class, which used to virtual OLED window. This month, a U. S. airlines Aura will OLED screens on the Windows of high-end models, and OLED screen to make the awning, used to simulate the stars effect. Obviously, traffic information display for the application of OLED technology promotion opened a new door, especially for small and medium size OLED display screen, is a new blue ocean. In the field of OLED, however, is not without rival. Also bullish on this field and other technology front, such as group of optoelectronics launched earlier this year the world's first active matrix ( AM) The mini LED automobile panel, and claims that its performance is comparable to the OLED panel, have better price competitiveness at the same time. The next goal is to realize the flexible display function. In this regard, transportation seems to have become one of the key markets of the next generation of new display technology competition. Look deeper, it can be seen as the current LCD campaign with small spacing of the LED's campaign. This article from: lighting headlines
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