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Advertising in screen mode enterprises must consider a few questions

by:Atop     2020-06-14
In LED display for advertising media can be audio-visual outdoor advertising developing rapidly over the past few years. In contrast, LED display production enterprise's profit is less and less. To preempt the outdoor advertising has a huge market space, some LED display enterprises entered the ads in screen mode. So, as the LED display manufacturers, in the face, the new world, outdoor advertising must be considered: the pros and cons of advertising in screen mode, how to establish a regulatory system, from scattered to intensive and so on. An advertisement, advertising in the pros and cons of mode in screen big on the risk of outdoor advertising media company. If profits are not ideal, LED display manufacturers will loss is bigger. As reported across the country are outdoor displays using indecent video and light pollution, noise pollution interference life travel, LED display negative risk is increasingly strong. Even the relevant government departments issued corresponding regulations and norms, limit the number of LED display installation and delivery approval is becoming more and more strict. Therefore, advertising in screen does exist all sorts of challenges. Second, how to set up regulation system while the LED display screen in the outdoor advertising market situation is good, but there are many loopholes, such as standards for light pollution, the contents of supervision and so on. At present, the LED display manufacturing enterprises into the outdoor advertising industry is still in development stage, and the lack of professional experience in media operation. How to build industry norms and LED display media detection system evaluation system will be a long-term project. Outdoor advertising media market, after all, the audience is the people, accept their supervision and LED display companies need to consider the problem. Three, from scattered to intensive application of LED display screen in the outdoor advertising market space is very large, many more companies want to share with scale strength, the listed companies is to develop high density small spacing LED display products to capture this area. Invisible, all show avatar, scrambling for the major national monopolies, market spread. Itself from the LED display industry, leading enterprises has not yet formed, close a few large enterprises are likely to form the largest powerhouse, during this period, LED display manufacturers would be dispersed into the outdoor advertising industry. Along with the development of the LED display business, the future master will integrate the advantage resources and take the largest outdoor advertising with a massive expansion of market share. In a sense, LED display companies on or attach a outdoor advertising media industry, is the exploration of a new business model, product is LED display industry development stage. We should see that this pattern at present there is a promising profit space, there are risks and challenges. A new model of the exploration period, to really mature remains to be hard, return on investment remains to be seen. Summary, however, the new model is not can afford to play each a display company, without some sort of financial and material resources and manpower is difficult to play outdoor advertising media. In various ways into the outdoor advertising industry the way also does not apply to any enterprise, enterprise need to make the corresponding planning according to their own development needs. Has entered into this circle of the enterprise should play more previous open courage, create more likely.
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