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Acuity Brands planning and OLEDWorks cooperation, expand the OLED lamps and lanterns product portfolio

by:Atop     2020-09-04
The lighting company Acuity Brands, announced plans to cooperate with OLEDWorks, expand the OLED lighting product portfolio. Acuity Brands will use OLEDWorks technology, intends to architectural lighting application development a series of economical and practical and innovative OLED lamps and lanterns. Due to the OLED panel is very thin, can produce the diffuse lighting, soft looks smooth, soft and comfortable. Its ultra-thin shape provides excellent visual quality, very suitable for indoor application, help to enhance the viewing experience and the beauty of space itself. Acuity Brands, lighting, senior vice President Rick Earlywine said, 'over the years, we have been cooperating with OLEDWorks and OLED technology, we find that it is excellent OLED technology on the market. We're very excited that cooperation ', 'over time, we see higher brightness of OLED panel and more appearance size options, which will provide interesting choice for designers, to illuminate the building space. This is a new way of opening up OLED lighting important step. 'Next month, Acuity Brands will be held in Philadelphia LIGHTFAIRO international trade exhibition on display using OLEDWorks technology of OLED lamps and lanterns Olessence ™ Slim. Acuity Brands is an electronics manufacturing companies in the United States. It was established in 2001, headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia. The company has stripped specialty chemicals business, and in 2007 on November 1st. A new company called zip, and listed on the New York stock exchange trading, stock code ZEP. Acuity Brands for commercial and institutional, industrial, infrastructure and residential applications provide indoor and outdoor lighting lamps and lanterns. It provides lighting equipment to electrical distributors, retail home improvement centers, national economic accounting, electric utilities, utilities dealer, municipality directly under the central government, the contractor, catalog and lighting showrooms. It through an independent sales agent, manufacturer sales representatives, distribution centers, regional warehouses and business warehouse to distribution company product. Acuity Brands, chief executive of Vernon J. Mr Nagel, a total of 6500 employees in 2008. 2009, the company's revenue is 16. $600 million and operating income of 1. $5. 5 billion, net profit of $84. 9 million, total assets of 12. 900 million dollars, the total equity is 6. 7. 2 billion dollars. Oleworks mission is through pioneering the development and manufacturing of the best in the world, the most economical OLED lighting equipment, provide support for the inspiration of our customers. To create the world first-class, economic and efficient solution requires a new approach, breaking the traditional OLED manufacturing model. With the aachen in Germany and production of rochester in New York, OLEDWorks has two complementary innovation and manufacturing platform, provide the reasonable price of OLED solid-state lighting panel. Oldworks unique positioning is expanding in the product portfolio to enhance design inspiration at the same time provide batch production. OLEDWorks focused on excellence in performance, flexibility and responsiveness, enables our customers to quickly adapt to the market demand. OLEDWorks unique positioning is to integrate the OLED lighting engine delivered to our partner, — Lamps and lanterns, design, construction and the adjacent market creative partners. Our team consists of global pioneer OLED and manufacturing experts. That can be used to make the world's first active matrix OLED display and the key to the process and equipment of high brightness light panel inventors, innovators and implementers, OLEDWorks is rich in OLED production experience, and specifically for lighting manufacturing strategy has the original opinion. China LED China LED net net
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