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A new wave of growth, Taiwan will be in the second half of the production of Mini LED system supply

by:Atop     2020-09-09
According to the set consulting LED research center ( ledcax) Report, LED industry benefit from Mini LED development, will launch a new wave of growth. Mini LED to save electricity, light-weight, high contrast and can make the display features such as high surface, expected e-sports, wisdom is widely used in TV, mobile phones, automotive panel, display and other fields, the Mini LED production forecast to $1 billion in 2023, drive the whole LED production and growth of 8% over the next five years. Market expectations, Taiwan LED supply will be in the second half of the production of Mini LED, is currently actively expand the Mini LED application products including light lei, rong, light, ronda, electricity, etc. Driven by trend is fermentation, a leading light lei last week by legal person hustle, shares rose ten percent, and a-half, Thai valley, east bay, rong chong, Addison related stocks also rose sharply, become new focus area. Lei's light LED components, such as sensor, automotive components and LED system products for the three major product lines. Because LED components and systems products on price, supply of red under pressure, light lei this year to adjust product mix, improve the proportion of sensing element, special products, and strengthen into the Mini LED display development in small spacing, related work is expected to pump operation. Hon hai's glory, in the third quarter of this year is expected to start shipping the Mini LED, preliminary import TV backlight application, wave, LED by large size TV, goals. Crystal electric Mini LED also expected q3 production, is expected to drive revenue and gross margin improvement. According to the legal person forecast, crystal electricity will be released on May revenue, influenced by industry off-season, higher than April to modestly, to begin in June and ready for the season, product quotation back to wen, performance is expected to more than 5 month rose further. This article from: search LED lighting headlines
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