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A new generation of high density small spacing LED display technology will have nearly billions of market space

by:Atop     2020-08-05
Hd LED display screen, full color integration triad make China stand in the forefront in the field of LED display for the first time; Enter the large-scale application in 2014; Along with the continuous improvement of the COB technology and market recognition, and gradually to the COB technology hilda electronics in 2017 as the lead unit, assume the national key research and development plan 'strategic' advanced electronic materials key special ( Guide to 6. 5) High density small spacing LED display key technology development and application demonstration, project completed, will be 0. 5 - 0. 8 mm point spacing COB LED display of technological breakthroughs, to provide product support for national major project requirements, the Ministry of Science and Technology emerging display field only small distance between the LED display project; 2019 small spacing has became a new display industry market growth, growing with COB technology, the technology's influence on the industry market pattern has become the focus of the industry, for small spacing LED display, COB is the future of the ultrahigh density small spacing, at the same time also is the inevitable developing trend of high density small spacing screen, LED display industry has reached a consensus. COB encapsulation is introduced into display industry for several years, but have COB technology display companies but very few. The main reason is that COB encapsulation of the technology, equipment and capital requirement is very high, the vast majority of small and medium-sized enterprises do not have enough power to do related research and development and production. And large enterprise with advanced equipment and abundant capital, and because they cannot bypass the patent problem, the cautious attitude of COB technology. New join COB technology enterprise although has the advantage of backwardness, can take shortcuts, but want to go over the existing patent a new way is more difficult. Any new technology promotion and popularization, it is impossible can be done by only a handful of manufacturers, and must be completed jointly by most of the enterprises in the industry, to form a certain industrial scale and industrial chain. Begin with COB technology heats up, COB research more and more enterprises from the current development trend, COB technology in the next two or three years can be formed a certain market scale. SMD LED display small spacing of LED display technology bottleneck small spacing from the package is implemented can be divided into SMD technology route and COB technology route. SMD technology route, which has universal application table LED technology. The biggest advantage of this technology is inherited the traditional spacing LED display all the engineering technological characteristics, a hierarchical highly mature market, but as the user demand for ultra-high resolution, high reliability according to product gradually increase, the SMD technology development has encountered bottleneck in the field of small spacing shows, the main reasons are as follows: 1, the spacing between the size of the limit, make them unable to realize the smaller distance between products, so we can not meet the ultra hd display applications. At present the industry recognized mature SMD luminous tube size is 1010 encapsulation, 1010 size SMD technology can only achieve a single lamp. More than 2 mm point spacing products, in 2019 the Netherlands ISE show, 90% of the traditional SMD manufacturers no longer promote 1. 2 mm below the single lamp SMD products from exhibits trend analysis, single lamp SMD technology in 1. 2 mm below the point spacing can't mass supply stable and reliable products. 2, SMD small spacing display products widely criticized by the user is to use a large number of reliability and stability of the problems in the process. SMD encapsulation air-tightness, protective, cause reliability problems such as dead lamp, caterpillar more; Lamp bead welding plate welding area is small, handling, installation, use tumble of easy to damage the lamp beads; Lamp bead welding plate naked, body touch screen dry environment, the influence of static electricity easily lead to light bead breakdown. At present the market appears N in 1 SMD ( 4 in 1, 6, 1) Products, is one of the SMD technology route, is also a transition of traditional SMD factory products, this product is used for SMT SMT, using 0. 9375 mm4 1 lamp bead, light bead edge and inside the distance between the solder joint is about 0. 1 mm, lamp bead edge air tightness, welding feet bare core problem has not been fundamentally solved, such as product reliability problems will once again exposed in the process of delivery, has not been effectively improve. Generally, under the condition of lamp bead between 0 should be preserved. 25 mm clearance, plus a discrete device dimensions, basic can't achieve zero. 9 mm below the batch delivery. At the same time, the N in 1 product particles are stronger in the display effect, the side Angle of discrete pitting is serious. And, more importantly, the current N in 1 SMD products specifications single, only a few fixed point spacing, engineering according to the product through different point spacing design different body, realize the product differentiation, meet customers personalized needs. GOB SMD products with special material and process for SMD LED display module, small spacing on the surface glue processing, to a certain extent solved the problem such as product weatherability, knock against. At present most of GOB SMD using 1010 size SMD lamp beads, can achieve 1. 5 mm distance between the above products, the technology of light bead are hard to maintain, deformation, module inky module cannot be fundamentally solved. N in 1 SMD ( 4 in 1, 6, 1) And GOB SMD the two products is a kind of ascension of the single lamp SMD, but still for SMD technology route, unable to break through the bottleneck of SMD small spacing, transitional product.
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