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77 domestic chip stocks 2018 net profit center daily news rankings, three Ann photoelectric tops the list

by:Atop     2020-09-04
On October 18, 2018 southern wealth network statistics, 77 domestic chip stocks NianZhongBao net profit in 2018, three photoelectric ranked number one, net profit of 18. 5. 3 billion yuan, rose 22. 44 and 32% of operating revenues. 40%. Data show that three photoelectric co. , LTD. Is located in the beautiful Ann sagishima xiamen, founded in November 2000, is the present domestic full color ultra-high brightness LED epitaxy and industrialized production base of chip. Is the National Development and Reform Commission approved the 'national high-tech industrialization demonstration project', the state Ministry of Science and Technology and accredited by the ministry of information industry leading enterprises, '' semiconductor lighting project, aerospace aviation confirmed' strategic partnership '. As the domestic LED industry leading enterprises, the development of the three Ann photoelectric towards LED epitaxy, the extension to make the transition to compound semiconductor chip. At present three Ann photoelectric in the global semiconductor r&d center has set up five compounds. In addition, the company plans to invest $33. 3 billion in December 2017, set up a project company, the layout of the compound semiconductor business, all project implementation within five years, seven years reaches producing, the estimated sales income of about 27 billion yuan reaches producing the year after next. The new world ( 000997). Net income ranked second, earnings up to 3. 3. 7 billion yuan, business revenue of 26. - 0. 4 billion yuan, the year-on-year change 21. 19%, 3. 36%. Independently set up and run in the first half of this year, the new 'star pos' merchant services platform has more than 250000 the number of merchants, and with more than 150 SaaS partners, 410 channel partners to cooperate and achieve merchants operating revenue service cluster 11. 2. 3 billion yuan, an increase of 67. 47%. HuaCan photoelectric ( 300323). No. 3 net profit, earnings up to 3. 1. 3 billion yuan, rose 45. 10%; Business revenue of 16. 2. 2 billion yuan, rose to 35. 97%. Is expected in the first three quarters of net profit of 4. 7. 7 billion yuan - 5. 3. 9 billion yuan, an increase of 28% 45%. It is understood that HuaCan photoelectric shimmering photoelectric co. , LTD. , formerly Wu Hanhua was founded in 2005, in 2011 the overall restructuring for co. , LTD. HuaCan photoelectric is a leading domestic LED Light Emitting Diode, Light Emitting Diode) Chip suppliers. As a new material, new energy in the field of high and new technology enterprise, HuaCan is committed to research and development, production, sales to GaN blue, and green light series products of high quality LED epitaxial material and chip. In the future, HuaCan photoelectric plans to continue to overweight LED display market segments such as chips, MEMS sensor field. In January of this year, the company set up a new semiconductor materials device institute; Released in October, and announced plans to raise no more than 2. 1 billion yuan, for the Mini/Micro LED development and production line expansion project ', 'MEMS inertial sensor development and industrialization projects', etc. In addition, na sida ( 002180). , jing sheng mechanical and electrical ( 300316). Net income ranked fourth, fifth, net profit of 3 respectively. 1. 3 billion yuan, 2. 8. 5 billion yuan, the year-on-year growth in 130. 78%, 101. 20%. Na sida group is one of the world's largest manufacturer of printing consumables, based on China, the global business. As the only mastering the general consumable chip technology, na sida group occupies more than 80% of the global compatible cartridges chip market. After recent years of rapid development, especially after the us international trade commission ( ITC) Launched against Chinese ink manufacturers' 337 survey, drum unit, ink cartridge industry scale expands unceasingly, become 'one' in the global industry market. Zhejiang Jingsheng Mechanical & Electrical Co. , ltd. was founded in December 2006, is a 'green intelligent high-tech manufacturing industry' for the mission of the high-end semiconductor equipment and LED substrate materials of high-tech enterprises. The company with technology innovation as the source motive force of sustainable development. Successively developed with completely independent intellectual property rights fully automatic single crystal furnace, polycrystalline ingot furnace, heavily sb-doped silicon furnace, the sapphire furnace of molten zone, successful development and sales of a variety of photovoltaic intelligent equipment, and efficient photovoltaic cells and components, and other equipment research and development, to create the strongest equipment the most complete pv industry chain, technology equipment of leading enterprises; To achieve 8 - in the semiconductor industry 12 inches large silicon chips with crystal growth and core processing equipment localization; Successful master international leading the large size of 300 kg, 450 kg level sapphire crystal growth technology, sapphire materials business have strong cost competitiveness and gradually form a scale advantage; 4 in the industry. 0 direction, the company for the photovoltaic industry, semiconductor industry and the LED industry to provide intelligent factory solutions, to satisfy the customers on the 'network + smart manufacturing' 'substitution' machine production technical requirements. The company's core technology research and development and the management team is given priority to with professor, doctor, master, the company's single crystal furnace series products and polycrystalline furnace were rated as national key new products, has won more than 300 national patents, two national science and technology major 02 bear special topic, has now entered the stage of industrialization production and sales. House number of public finance
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