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44 a-share companies disclosed three quarterly reports, 2018 led industry performance gradually clear

by:Atop     2020-09-04
November 1, the optical network of China news in recent days, three quarterly reports dense disclosure of listed companies, as a primary focus of the market. As of October 30, LED disclosed three quarterly reports in the field of a-share companies has 44, 2018 performance gradually. Overall, show positive growth in the first three quarters of this year net profit of the enterprise has 25, about 57%. Great situation in the current strife-torn, and interim results compared with the same period of last year, the overall performance in the a-share listed companies appear back slightly, less replaced vendor performance. Among them, the total revenue rose more than 100% of the enterprises only 2 famous hui, wood Tomlinson, state science and technology, otto electronic, Abby's, honest science and technology, overclocking 3rd battalion closed up more than 50%, it can be seen in the first three quarters of strong performance in the majority with engineering section in enterprises. There are three net profit biggest increase more than 100%, is Abby, famous hui, bdo embellish. Abby, in the first three quarters of revenue of 1. 33401 billion yuan, year-on-year growth of 51. Caused by 01%, the main sales orders increases; Net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies of 17704. 610000 yuan, an increase of 218. 67%. Famous hui in the first three quarters of revenue of 973. 9 million yuan, an increase of 135. 81%, the main of which business volume increased, sustained income growth during the reporting period; Net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies of 25322. 810000 yuan, an increase of 115. 48%. Bdo embellish to 2. 9816 billion yuan in the first three quarters to achieve revenue, year-on-year decline in 6. 50%; Net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies of 1370. 430000 yuan, an increase of 114. 04%, mainly asset impairment loss and financial expenses during the reporting period because of the interest payments and exchange gains and losses caused by decreased year-on-year increase operating profit. Data show that wood Tomlinson was 2018 years ago in the LED industry a-share listed company revenue topped the list, in the first three quarters to achieve revenue 12. 35013 billion yuan, an increase of 110. 79%, the main system acquisition LEDVANCE expand production and expand the market influence. LEDVANCE since the second quarter profits into wood Tomlinson consolidated scope. Trillion chi stake, furistock electronics, three Ann photoelectric respectively by 8. 97413 billion yuan, 7. 33061 billion yuan, 6. 39332 billion yuan, ranked second, three, four. Furistock electronics of the main industry for communication and intelligent household appliances, LED photoelectric and supply of green environmental protection, foreign trade, LED packaging accounts for about 4. 7%, about 1%, and also including LED display products, but the net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies fell by 63. 38%, the main department gross margin decline in current, caused by rising cost. In addition, three Ann photoelectric said the company in the third quarter the other income accounted for as current profit ( Government subsidies) And return on investment ( A year ago has sold the wafer photoelectric co. , LTD. , co of earnings) About more than a year ago reduced by 1. 4. 2 billion yuan. Three quarters of this year, a total of three Ann integration sales income 1. 1. 9 billion yuan, especially the research and development of power electronic products and sales have made substantial progress, IC business for the company future development laid a solid foundation. Subsequent company will continue to intensify efforts to expand the market, actively promote sales company, to ensure the company's annual business performance steady growth. From the point of net profit, in the first three quarters of this year, three Ann photoelectric remains at 259361. 070000 yuan a commanding lead. Leah DE, wood Tomlinson, Europe's second, three, four, net profit 94529, respectively. 840000 yuan, 60110. 930000 yuan, and 57027. 980000 yuan. It is worth mentioning, fila sound in the first three quarters of net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies 82773 loss. 600000 yuan, year-on-year decline in 587. 81%, the industry in the loss of most enterprises. Fila acoustics, said the first three revenue decline is mainly due to the subsidiary ShenAn group PPP business affected by the policy change appears stagnation and other engineering projects to reduce, lead to project construction income has fallen sharply. According to the company's operating conditions, is expected to the beginning of the next reporting period at the end of the cumulative net profit may be a loss. In addition, the losses of more than 100% of the enterprise and the shimmering photoelectric snow Wright, get together and gold Wright, because most of the industry development and market competition intensifies, and the dollar exchange rate fluctuations, the decline in gross margin. The optical network of China
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