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3 microns huge amount transfer breakthrough! Micro LED not far from the mass production?

by:Atop     2020-09-04
On October 9, Mikro Mesa of leading global Technology successfully developed without pressure and low temperature bonding 3 microns Micro LED huge amount transfer Technology, let the Micro LED display Technology production road and was a big step forward. Mikro Mesa began in 2017 with nanjing cec panda cooperation, in cec laboratory, after two years of development, has completed the industry-leading advanced display technology. Mikro Mesa technology USES the mu 3 microns in diameter LED chip, as the leading industry of ultra-small size, let lei the utilization of the chip to reach the high standard of perfection. Transfer sizes close to 4 inches, than a can accommodate millions mu LED transfer, and the transfer of multicolor mu LED many times. And the transfer of large area, can significantly reduce the frequency shift, and increases the production of large size full color display. In addition, Mikro Mesa technology also has a low temperature from pressure bonding characteristics, to ensure that the future of high production efficiency, but also can avoid the industry pressure brought by the bond yield problem, for the process of Micro LED display manufacturing advanced technology set up the important milestone. Mu 3 microns in diameter of LED chips, the size is about 1/700 of the cross-section of a human hair. The size of the chip, is currently the industry generally common Micro LED area is little more than 100 times, become the world's first in the world. It is understood that this is also a display with the show for the first time more than three inches in the use of chip size under five microns mu LED display technology. According to Mikro Mesa insiders said the display technology to transfer 2 - — 5 microns chip size, can produce up to 1800 dpi level monitor with high precision, and can be used in more than 55 inches or Micro LED TV. In other words, on the product application, the technology will from wearable devices, smart phones, TV until AR products, has a unique competitive advantage. In addition, because of the lower processing temperature, the technology is more flexible and transparent displays of choice. Expected future performance and competitiveness of the technology will be far more than AMOLED, on the application field also will be more broad, greatly improves the Micro LED development in the future. The technology adopted Mikro Mesa patent process, chip USES vertical structure, current spread than traditional Flip - Chip flip chip type even, also can withstand the higher current density. And chip with electrodes, using disposable finishing packaging, ITO electrode can be used on or nano silver wire, etc. , for future mass production and improve the optical light efficiency, has the great design flexibility. In addition, because of small chip size, the technology also can reach more than 50% of the transparency, in high resolution at the same time, also can achieve high transmittance of transparent display, a big increase in the future application of evolvability. By Dr Chen Liyi Mikro Mesa Technology was established in 2014, the company is committed to Micro LED the research and production Technology development, currently has 36 U. S. patents, 14 patents of Taiwan and mainland China, as for more than more than 100 global application of patents. Mikro Mesa Technology founder Chen Liyi said the display Technology is a Micro LED a breakthrough in the road to a consumer product applications, because the chip size smaller, so the Micro LED material cost will be greatly reduced, not only can with AMOLED compared, even can have the opportunity to compete with LCD. As for the future on the flexible display, and the application of transparent displays, can the development of space will be bigger, can significantly shorten the timing of the Micro LED technology related products listed. Chen Liyi said Mikro Mesa Technology is an open company, welcome to the world for Mikro Mesa display Technology manufacturers interested in cooperation together, whether have demand the company to new display, or display on the middle and lower reaches of the industry. Everybody together to jointly develop promotion of Micro LED display technology, make Micro LED to a new generation of revolutionary consumer electronic display interface. The Times of information
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