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2019 Chinese LED chip and packaging market report! LED lighting into the mature period

by:Atop     2020-09-05
A few days ago, set consulting LED research center ( LEDinside) The latest '2019 Chinese LED chip and packaging industry market report shows that in 2018 China LED packaging size of the market for $10. 5 billion, year-on-year growth of 4. 5%. Looking ahead to 2019, LED lighting has entered the mature period, expect to high-end lighting, such as professional lighting and the market demand of health lighting, uv LED display screen market, automotive lighting and will be the main driver of growth of LED industry. The whole LED industry development in China, the Chinese mainland firms benefit from production and OEM orders, 2018 rankings are improved, wood Tomlinson, the star, fly together, hon revenues continue to grow. International manufacturers, the chemical with backlit, automotive and lighting and other high-end application market of patent technology advantages, keep the second; Osram opto semiconductors ( OSRAM OS) For automotive lighting, landscape lighting market advantages, such as a rising to rank third. China's Taiwan region and the international manufacturers still show a strong competitiveness in the field of high-end. Top ten manufacturer, at a rate of 47%, compared with 2017 slipped slightly. The main reason for dongshan precision and static photoelectric rookie manufacturers such as high-speed chase, and 2018 revenue has good growth, the next two years is expected to hit the top ten. Niche market ❶ automotive lighting market with the speeding up of the new energy car popularity rate, increase year by year, demand for car LED lighting and conventional fuel car LED lighting permeability also in ascension. Especially after the market, the LED automotive lighting acceptance, promote the LED auto lighting market stable growth. But to enter the field of manufacturers also gradually increase, in addition to osram opto semiconductors (international manufacturers OSRAM) Outside, nichia ( Nichia) , Seoul semiconductor Lumileds and strengthen management efforts in automotive lighting market. Mainland China and Taiwan manufacturers followed, including hon, China star, lattice and light, etc. But because the market demanding automotive lighting, supplier conversion cost is high, the original manufacturers advantages in strong, still occupy the dominant market position. ❷ display screen market due to the small spacing ratio, promote the LED market demand rapid growth, China vendor star, dongshan precision, such as crystal sets are expanding capacity. In early 2019, manufacturers continue to launch a P1. Super small spacing under 0 display products, the future will continue to improve the proportion of small spacing LED display. As space more and more small, resolution, and costs continue to drop, more small spacing scenarios to achieve market accept the sweet spot, such as cinemas, business meeting rooms, etc. , to promote small spacing the size of the market continue to grow. ❸ backlit small size of the market, the influence of the OLED, the size of the market is declining, but some Chinese manufacturers still continue to grow revenue, on the one hand, China's mobile phone sales promotion, help domestic ship supply chain increase, another aspect is the international manufacturers OEM parts orders to Chinese manufacturers, manufacturing to the larger manufacturers concentrated effect is obvious. Medium size, with the hd display and HDR market development, medium size backlight market is expected to import Mini LED product design, in 2018, though still in its infancy, but the imagination of the future space is huge, the machine brands in China with the LED manufacturers are paid close attention to the market development, to a large number of collaborative research and development and equipment investment. ❹ general lighting and architectural lighting market for global LED lighting products production base in China, including Signify, OSRAM and IKEA and other international well-known brands, are looking for suppliers in China. Benefit from an alternative light source products such as order stable growth of the bulb lamp, LED lighting devices standardization trend obviously, lighting packaging manufacturers, such as wood Tomlinson, hong god remit, static photoelectric contrarian growth, scale advantage and cost competitiveness continued to strengthen, peripheral manufacturers gradually withdrew from the lighting market competition, to accelerate the order to the vendor's head set. In addition, benefit from high power lighting orders and overseas building nightscape lighting market of high photosynthetic efficiency, high power and high tolerance requirements of lighting devices, Lumileds and CREE remained significant growth in the LED lighting market performance, in the top five. LEDinside LEDinside
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