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2018 led industry heating enterprise development to a new position

by:Atop     2020-09-07
In 2017 domestic LED companies to disclose tide basic tell a way, most enterprise net profit growth in sales, the LED industry. Then enter in the first quarter of 2018 net profit forecast, and the rectangular group recently, dry as photoelectric, wood Tomlinson, dragon lighting, leah DE, Shelley, etc six companies issued a first-quarter earnings forecast, in addition to dry as net profit decline, the other five companies continue to maintain growth, increasing 2018 LED industry. Recently, as the LED display technology and product innovation and deepening of domestic channels, sink, and the constant expansion of overseas market, industrial market segment is more and more specialized, at the same time chip, encapsulation, screen, control system and so on the whole industry chain upstream and downstream enterprises are more and more enterprises to join, large and small enterprises on the market at present, although its strength vary, but many competitors are also screen companies are felt an unprecedented strong market competition pressure. How to better cope with the present instant namely market and industry environment, screen companies need to deliberate. From the current LED enterprises under the market competition situation, you can see that the enterprise can gain market is similar to their own strong, can accurately grasp the future trend of LED display, and leading the trend; And those in the knockout stages of the transform and upgrade the continued backward enterprises, each have each different, such as enterprise products can't capture the market pain points, upgrade quality couldn't keep up with market demand, no innovation consciousness, improper management, brand marketing failure and so on. So how to win his place in the market to fight? LED companies to internal and external and repairing. Foreign: pay close attention to national policy and industry dynamic positive response national policy, take green open development course LED enterprises should always adhere to the national policy, actively responded to an appeal by the state and the party's principles and policies, and always adhere to the sustainable development path, go green, environmental protection, open the road of industrial development, especially in recent years, urban light pollution, the impact of domestic vacancy, damage and other issues, the government's supervision on these aspects is more drastic, it also bring LED companies warning, whether through technology to reduce the 'light pollution', 'power' and other issues, or while perfecting relevant industry standards, is imminent. And response 'area' policy, also is in recent years, our country LED display industry exports, foreign trade enterprise the best power is getting stronger and stronger. Focus on industry trends, strategic advance ready for LED companies to focus on the industry dynamics, rather than pay attention to the terminal. Want to know the terminal dealers or end users to see the whole industry, thus to choose in the industry. Is the complementary relationship between terminals and industry, the demand of the terminal and pain points can promote the innovation of the industry, on the other hand, the technology innovation of the industry, can also lead terminal markets. Dynamic screen, therefore, enterprises must focus on industry, in order to make sensible choices in the change, ahead of coping strategies, look for the opportunity of success in the challenges! Ing internally, innovation, service, industry transformation the screen enterprise brand innovation development, enhance the brand value and brand consumption rising economic era, brand effect is self-evident, in recent years, more and more LED enterprises through technical innovation, product innovation, marketing innovation, manufacturing upgrading, service optimization, channel into growing their own brand core competitiveness, improve the added value of the brand, to expand the brand influence, and promote the steady and healthy development of the brand enterprise. But it is worth noting that the LED display industry as part of China's manufacturing industry, pay attention to innovation is not only in technology, products, and manufacturing process, improve product quality, production efficiency, moreover also has a screen companies in sales model and enterprise management innovation, seize the current popular trend, not to fall. Good at the perspective-taking, satisfy user needs a lot of LED enterprises has been plagued with largest customers don't know go to which, actually is not a lack of demand, but lack of matching of demand and supply. Want to know, how to seize the customers, satisfy customer demand is extremely important. LED display industry, now is more than just marketing so simple, it is more important or after-sales service, and customer feedback, and a series of links on the plates, meeting customer needs, and screen enterprise how to seize the niche customer demand, to provide more specialized products and services, etc. , to maximize meet user demand, in order to gain the market. With the development of industry is more and more mature, the market competition will be intensified, LED companies inside and outside and repair, only to have enough strength to transform and upgrade the, and steadily forward. This article from: China network LED China network security exhibition
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