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2018 led display of the change of industrial structure will be?

by:Atop     2020-03-21

LED display types to distinguish under more and more clear in recent years, different types of LED development is also different. Back in 2017, more traditional type stage rental screen is full of vitality, and emerging transparent screen is also a good harvest. Overall, niche market development situation, too, has driven part focus on niche products to get fast growth. Unlike traditional comprehensive enterprise, enterprise more pay attention to focus on niche technology and branding, high-end market is more inclined to the deepening and customized orders, engineering at a high-profile case to reveal the value of the brand. Niche market is relatively narrow, the company sales of products are limited, and therefore must be deep products and ongoing upgrading, to maintain the differentiation and competitiveness, in order to guarantee the market share and industry status. Under the influence, niche has recognized brand grow faster, strength, the technical reserves are much better than ordinary industry enterprise, this part of the future enterprise or can stand out, become the members of the second tier. In recent years, the LED display industry pattern is relatively stable, headed by listed companies and large manufacturers enterprises, still held industry forefront, followed by is home to more than medium-sized enterprises and many small producers, appears ladder-like pattern of industry. So-called 'the stronger the strong', however, in today's capital influence gradually deepening, the accumulation of funds deep enterprise gap with the rest of the enterprise gradually displayed; On the other hand, the rapid development of niche markets, driving the growth of a batch of new brand; These uncertain factors, and will be what kind of change brings to the LED display industry pattern? Industry by six of the listed company after completion of the road to the a-share listed industry leading enterprises without them. In addition to its itself to have a hard enough to support the market development, market brought about by the capital, credibility of corporate image and brand advantages, not only can support the many, many in the field of investment, capital and layout, strengthen their own strength, can also with more reliable image and sufficient funds to attract government projects, large customer's favor, in attracting talent, increase employee benefits and other subtle ways is more advantageous. It was also the advantages of many sided, make these listed companies standing in the industry for many years, and gradually the difference with other enterprises. Today, most of these listed companies by expanding production, kinds of products, such as crossover development way, consolidate the industry status, increase profits, power is increasingly strong. At the same time, the part of the enterprise is not listed, but the years of development and accumulation, also occupies the leading edge in the industry. This type of enterprise is given priority to with the market and customer resource advantages, but also have a layout of industry leading technology of human and financial resources. But in recent years, this type of enterprise development change is bigger, in the future occupy the market and industry enterprise who will have the second tier, remains unclear. Products at the same time, small spacing in a closer look at the application scope of more and more widely, with the smaller distance, and MiniLED applications appear cross also not impossible. Join the LED screen market, international manufacturers, of course, even if its layout key for high peak area, it is only, and the resulting competition for LED screen front companies, but it probably also means that even if the industry leading enterprises, also not necessarily can rest easy. From the original can only display a single color, font, and LCD, DLP products compete until now, the development of LED display technology is breathtaking. In the sustainable development of industry, industry structure also continues to change, bold type development to fine production, shuffling to speed up the pace of increase concentration degree, has given rise to large enterprises and high quality brand, industry in the future will be more focused, pattern also will continue to change. And with the innovation of technology and widen the application field, LED the excellent quality of investment research also attract international companies, the industry for the future pattern of increased uncertainty.                                

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